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Sometimes the most interesting patients I see aren’t actually in pain!

They may have other problems – for example, they feel “wonky” or “out of alignment”, or they are experiencing “brain fog”. Or they may be experiencing problems as a result of being hypermobile or stiff, or have chronic issues due to genetic issues such as dysplasia (shallow joints).

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Just call my London team on
0207 175 0150 or use the form here.

On the flip side (or possibly just further along the spectrum from the “wonky” people) are the patients who have pain all over, and who haven’t managed to find anyone who can help them.

I also treat people with physical restrictions following surgery – for example, working with scar tissue after breast cancer.

I can’t promise that I can help; but I have a variety of treatment techniques up my sleeve (including training in craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation) and this often allows me to help people recover some or all of their quality of life, in some unexpected ways. And I do like a challenge! I also have a relatively “outside the box” way of looking at the body, which can sometimes lead to some interesting breakthroughs.

Please have a look at my case studies for examples of people I’ve managed to help with unusual problems!


What the doctors say...


What the doctors say...

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