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Fit for duty

From Service Personnel to civilians

My first experiences as a physiotherapist were focused on helping people with extremely demanding jobs. I joined the British Army as a qualified physiotherapist in 2000, and spent ten years taking care of patients with a huge range of injuries, from the mundane to the life-altering. Having reached the rank of Major in 2010, I retired from the Army in order to share my skills with the wider civilian world. 

I founded London multidisciplinary clinic Victory Health & Performance, and successfully helped more than 1800 patients up to 2019. Now, I partner with London’s top surgeons and other healthcare professionals to treat patients with complex and long-term issues, and have built a reputation as the physio who achieves results where no one else can.

I also help businesses of all sizes keep their workforces safe and well

The types of problems faced by the average desk warrior may seem small compared to the issues a soldier on active duty might encounter. But no matter what your job may be, your quality of life and level of performance at work are affected by the health and well-being of your body. The way you sit, stand, move and interact with your work environment day by day will either support or undermine your physical condition. Over time, small things add up to big things. For better or worse.

This is where having an expert on hand to assess and train your employees can provide exceptional value for your business. A consultation or training course with me can help prevent common but debilitating problems like back pain, overuse injuries, and other ergonomic issues which could otherwise require extensive treatment and time off work.

The Health & Performance Pyramid at Work

Over the last 20 years of clinical practice and constant study, I have devised a unique approach to caring for and treating the human body. Whether I’m working with a patient who has just undergone major trauma or simply helping someone find a better way to work, my original Health & Performance Pyramid model approaches health from the ground up. For patients who visit me after losing hope of recovery, this model is life-changing. For the rest of us, it offers a way to build a solid foundation for optimum health and performance which will affect every aspect of our lives.

Sharing stories, lessons, and practical advice on how to enjoy living and working in our bodies, I am an effective, engaging, and popular advocate for physical and mental health at work. I am available to speak on these topics at your corporate event, and can also create a bespoke assessment and training package tailored to your company’s specific needs. Just contact the team today with your requirements. If you’re looking for a convenient “off the shelf” introduction to ergonomic principles at work, have a look at our online courses and resource packs.