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A relationships-based approach to optimising patient care

The best patient outcomes are always a team effort. The best teams are always built on trust. That’s why I spend a lot of time with my healthcare colleagues – in clinic, in theatre, over coffee and in reciprocal CPD. When we share knowledge, deepen our professional relationships and build trust, everyone benefits: especially our patients. If you are:

Let’s work together.

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Ways to collaborate

Working together to get patients better

You’re here because we have a shared mission: to make sure that every patient who crosses our path gets the best possible support and treatment. We want the people we care for to recover as fully and quickly as possible, so that they can reach their best physical potential and enjoy being in their bodies again. 

I’m here to make sure that happens. There are several ways we can collaborate:

I am a firm believer in a collaborative approach to healthcare. Working closely with doctors, trainers, sports instructors and therapists from other modalities, we can provide wrap-around support and treatment to even the most complex and difficult cases. Learn more about referring a patient to me.

Due to the current Covid situation, I am unable to accept students on observational placements.  However, if you are keen to get a “behind the scenes” view of work in a top London clinical practice and are a school, undergraduate or postgraduate student, then I may be able to give you some time. Learn more here.


If you’re ready to refer a patient to me, would like to learn more, or just want to reach out and start a conversation, please get in touch with my team!