Healthcare Professionals

I am a firm believer in a collaborative approach to healthcare

The best results happen in the sweet spot where a great doctor works with a great therapist and a great patient.

Referring patients to me

I would love to help you to get your patients better, so if they have long-term or complex problems, please do send them my way – I have a lot of tools in my “clinical toolbox” and love a challenge.

If you refer a patient to me, my team will be in touch to ask for any information you can give me (such as clinic letters and MRI reports) – or if you prefer to be proactive, please send anything you have to where my team will ensure I receive everything in good time to be able to prepare.

If you are happy to discuss the case in person or over the phone, please just let my team know and we will make this happen.

I also love to get to know the other members of my patients’ teams, so if we do not already know each other when you refer a patient to me, I will probably want to get in touch and ideally visit you in clinic or in theatre, and/or meet up for a coffee. Alternatively, you are very welcome to visit me, with or without our mutual patient! I believe that the better we know and trust each other, the more effectively we can help our patients.

Learning with me

I offer “taster” training in the two main physiotherapeutic philosophies I follow (Diane Lee’s Integrated Systems Model and Sarah Key’s Five Stages of Back Pain), and in manual treatment techniques – either 1:1 or for small groups.

I can accommodate individuals at Victoria Avenue; if you would like to organise a small training group (up to 15 students) then I can come to you.

Shadowing me

Depending on my patients’ consent, I am happy to offer shadowing opportunities to individual work experience students who are keen to study physiotherapy at university; to undergraduate or postgraduate students; or to interested healthcare professionals.

If you would like to observe me in clinic, please send me a message using the button below.

I do receive a lot of requests, so if you are a work experience student or undergraduate, please include your CV and a covering letter explaining why you want to observe my work and (if work experience) why you are interested in studying physiotherapy.

Please note that I am not able to offer practical placements or internships.

If you have any questions feel free to message me...

Treatment goes on

(but it's now online)

Due to the “London lockdown” I have had no alternative but to close the doors to my new clinic. I will be constantly reviewing all government updates and will let you know as soon as anything changes.

The good news

The good news is that, although the treatment room has had to close, this doesn’t mean that treatment has to stop.

It is really important all my patients do not lose momentum in their recoveries and I am glad to say I have a number of solutions to ensure I can carry on providing the best treatment possible:

  • Physiotherapy treatment: switching to online
  • Keeping in touch: email me!  I’m contacting my patients regularly
  • Online Training, Pilates and Yoga
  • Advice on how can you help yourself and stay healthy