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I treat the cause, not just the symptoms, to help you recover faster

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Just call my team on
0207 175 0150 or use the form here.

Why should you choose me as the physiotherapist to help with your injury & rehabilitation?

By looking at your body as a whole, I address the causes and not just the symptoms of your pain

20+ Years Extensive Training as Physiotherapist in London

Extensive Training

Over the past 20+ years I have had extensive physiotherapy training with pioneering experts
Physiotherapy London - Regular Doctor Collaboration

Doctor Collaboration

I work closely with London’s top orthopaedic consultants, sports doctors & pain specialists

Physiotherapy London Flexible Assessments

Flexible Assessments

Online, in clinic or home visit physiotherapy assessment and treatments available

Very Experienced Physiotherapist London

Very Experienced

Years of experienced physiotherapy gained within the military, in sports therapy and from my clinic.

Each problem, like each body, is unique and individual

Understand my unique, whole-body pyramid approach to pain assessment & treatment

Physiotherapy London Case Studies

Over the past 20 years as a highly recommended physiotherapist in London, I've helped thousands of people recover from a wide variety of issues
Symptoms can manifest anywhere in the body

If your symptoms are just in one part of your body, click the appropriate body area below for more information on specific assessments and treatment plans. Alternatively, if your issues aren’t localised to one area, or aren’t related to pain, then click here to see how I can help you with a wide range of physiotherapy services from a qualified physiotherapist in London.

Are you looking for the best Physiotherapist London?

Hi, I’m Nell, and I’m a physiotherapist in London.

For physiotherapy in central London near Liverpool Street and Moorgate, I specialise in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. I treat complex and long-term injuries including sports injuries and those who have had or will undergo surgery. I believe in addressing the cause of your problems, not just the symptoms. Everything in your body is connected, and my job is to be a detective. I work out not just which bit of you hurts or doesn’t work the way you want it to; but why this is happening. I then work with you to reduce pain and begin your journey back to your best possible state.

I help people to enjoy living in their bodies – especially if you’ve had injuries or surgery, or if you live with a chronic health condition.

When you come to see me, first we’ll start with a thorough assessment session, during which I’ll use my unique Health & Performance Pyramid to analyse you holistically.

Secondly, we’ll discuss how you already manage your health.  Then I’ll assess your whole body, looking for structural and mechanical issues.

I really do mean I’m going to look at your whole body, and that’s irrespective of where your symptoms are. You see, everything in your body is connected and that means that while your tennis elbow might be coming from an issue with your elbow, equally it could be sore because it’s compensating for a problem in your neck or your pelvis.

 I’ve seen people whose ankle tendinitis originated in their neck, whose knee pain came from their feet, and whose hip pain followed on from a shoulder injury  – and all sorts of combinations as well.

I will identify the right, most effective treatment for you, and we will create a plan together to deliver it. If the right treatment isn’t physiotherapy, I will help you to find the right expert: I work closely with some of London’s most highly qualified top orthopaedic consultants, sports doctors and pain specialists.

If you’re in London and in need of physiotherapy, I am a highly qualified physiotherapist in the area who can provide personalised care and support to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

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As one of the leading London clinics for physiotherapy, I regularly write about injury prevention, treatment and assessment techniques.

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