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When your hips hurt, it’s a real nuisance because it’s hard to rest them

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Hip Pain Treatment in London

We have to keep on trying to walk, and change direction, and put our socks and shoes on. When your hips are sore, these things can be a real trial. Hips are especially complex because they have to be so mobile (as a ball-and-socket joint, they move in multiple different directions) but also so controlled (to avoid tearing the delicate cartilage inside the joint). Physiotherapy for hip pain starts with determining the cause of the pain. A successful hip pain treatment plan requires this.

Finding the Causes of Hip Pain

My job is to work out whether the problem is coming from your hip joint itself, or whether it’s trying to compensate for a problem somewhere else in your body (common issues that the hip tries to compensate for are stiff feet or a twisted ribcage).

Each hip problem has its own specific cause, and therefore the best way to treat each hip may be completely different.

When I treat you, we’ll start off by discussing when your hip hurts: is it all the time, or just when you try to walk or put your socks on, or when you lie on that side?. I then look at your posture and your movement patterns throughout your whole body, especially with regard to the activity or posture that hurts you most, in order to work out where your problem is originating from.

Physiotherapy for Hip Pain London

Once we work out what’s going on, we can put together a physiotherapy for hip pain treatment plan. The plan will be completely individual to you: based on whether your hip is the cause of your problem or whether it’s compensating for a problem elsewhere in your body, on your own goals and priorities, your diary, and how much time you’re able to devote to your recovery.

Why I've been called the best hip physio in London

I am the hip physiotherapist in London that knows how to treat you for hip and pelvic pain. All my physiotherapy services related to hip joint pain are available in clinic or we can offer consulting, information and hip pain treatment online. If required, pre and post operative rehabilitation is a speciality, I can get you back on your feet quickly and efficiently.

Hip pain physiotherapy London

At my London physio clinic I see patients with a variety of hip issues including

  • Gluteal tendinopathy
  • Hamstring strain
  • ITB syndrome
  • Hip replacement

Learn more about the following hip physiotherapy I provide

Hip pain physio assessments are 90 minutes

Follow-up sessions if required are usually an hour – it’s important to me to be very thorough when it comes to hip pain physiotherapy, as I want to be the last hip physiotherapist you need.

Hip specialist physio - Client reviews

"I found Nell last month after looking into help for an ongoing leg/hip issue. I had seen a physiotherapist before but had had no luck. I signed up to a online consult which I was a bit dubious about. BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT!! Nell was warm, friendly and completed a thorough assessment via video call. She had an impact on a problem that had been bothering me for years. Her followup notes and video exercises were thorough and easy to follow. Her evaluation was clear and realistic and I cannot wait until I can see her in person to continue my treatment. I'm so glad I have found her!"
"Wow! After 1 session, I feel brand new. Not only has my digestion improved, my ‘stuck left hip’, thoracic is ‘free’ and my hamstring ‘popping’ issue (sorry failed to mention that) has disappeared. Clean, love the aromatherapy oil scent in the waiting area, tidy and welcoming. Staff are exceptional and go above and beyond to help you achieve your body’s full potential. Very highly recommended- thank you so so much!"
Lucy Potucek
"I've known Nell a little while but didn't want to bother her with my aching hip and reduced flexibility in my right leg (afterall, it was easy to ignore). I'm glad I did. There was nothing wrong with my hip — it was my posture that was causing parts of my body to over-compensate. This inflamed my hip which restricted my leg movement and very likely aggravated my Bakers cyst in addition. Nell spotted this almost immediately and after a few weeks of being aware and adjusting my posture, I have almost full range of movement back and the pain in my hip has more or less gone. Thank you Nell — a real star!"
Russell Owen
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Over the past 20 years as a hip physio in London , I've helped hundreds of people with hip problems recover from a wide variety of issues

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