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If you’re looking for slipped disc physiotherapy, and need a therapist who is thorough and thinks outside the traditional physiotherapy box, then look no further!

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Physio for slipped disc

Did you know that it’s pretty much impossible for a spinal disc to actually slip?  Spinal discs are held very firmly in place by a combination of pressure from the surrounding tissues, and some very strong ligaments which are directly attached to them.  And yet, the phrase “slipped disc” has somehow become very popular, evoking a host of unrealistic and scary ideas as to what may actually be going on in your spine when you have back pain.

What can happen however is that, after a long period of chronic compression – or possibly a sudden powerful compression, such as a fall from a height – the outer layer of the disc (the annulus fibrosus) can bulge like a saggy car tyre and eventually crack, allowing some of the jellylike interior (the nucleus pulposus) to start to protrude, leaking acid painfully onto the nerve roots.  It’s generally the leaking acid, rather than the physical bulge, that causes the pain – around 80% of adults are walking around with the odd bulging disc, and relatively few of us have symptoms!

What to expect from a slipped disc physio assessment

When you come to see me for an assessment of your “slipped disc”, I’ll be looking at your back and how it moves to understand the extent of the damage; but I’ll also be analysing your whole body to understand why that one particular disc is under so much pressure.  For example – is it compensating for an old neck or upper back injury; or is it reacting to years of limping after a poorly-rehabilitated ankle sprain?

Slipped disc rehabilitation London

My role is not only to help your back to feel better in the present, but also to help you understand where the problem has originated from, so that you can stop compressing the symptomatic disc and prevent the issue recurring in the future.  So don’t be surprised if you find yourself being prescribed ankle flexibility or neck strengthening exercises, as well as or instead of the spinal flexibility or core strengthening work you might be expecting!

Slipped Disc physio assessments are 90 minutes

Follow-up sessions if required are usually an hour – it’s important to me to be very thorough when it comes to slipped disc physiotherapy, as I want to be the last back physiotherapist you need.

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Spine physiotherapy specialist physio - Client reviews

"The only physiotherapy worth going to. Back up and running in no time. Can't recommend highly enough. "
Colin Clark
"Having suffered with lower-back/sciatic pain for several years a friend recommended that I should visit Victory Health & Performance… One treatment session with Nell and I've been pain free for a month… OUTSTANDING :D"
Tim Pease
"Had a bad back for the first time in my life, which was preventing me training. Had (I think) three appointments with Nell, who did strange things to me and gave me a «brick» and a programme of back stretches, and also told me off about my posture, which she felt was the core issue (literally). My memory of the back pain is so acute that I still have the «brick», just in case, but I've not had any issues since — and I still correct my posture if I think of Nell. Highly recommended."
Edward Reeves

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