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If you’re looking for pelvic floor physio, and need a therapist who is thorough and thinks outside the traditional box, look no further!

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Physio for pelvic floor

Pelvic pain can be absolutely debilitating, and is unfortunately relatively common. Everything in the body is connected, though almost no area is quite as connected as the pelvis – so if your pelvic symptoms don’t respond to pelvic floor physiotherapy and pelvic floor exercises, then it might be worth looking at your body a bit more globally.

In this country and beyond, there are many excellent physiotherapists who specialise in treating pelvic floor dysfunctions, who do internal examinations of the muscles that control the vagina and rectum. (Please note that I am not one of those physios, so don’t come to me expecting me to get the rubber gloves out – though if you do need an internal specialist, I may be able to recommend someone.)  But if your pelvic floor is weak or painful or excessively tight because it’s compensating for issues elsewhere in your body, then I might just be the person you’re looking for – because most pelvic floor specialist physios don’t look as high as your neck or as low as your feet when it comes to working out why your pelvis is misbehaving.

Issues that can cause pelvic pain

There are lots of local pelvic issues that can cause pelvic pain. For example, many women struggle with pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis and adenomyosis; men get prostate issues; and anyone can get pain around the genitals, urinary tract, perineum and lower bowel (adhesions etc).  

However, there are 34 muscles that attach to the pelvis, as well as lots of blood vessels, nerves and lymphatic vessels that pass through it, and this means that there are also non-pelvic areas and issues that I find frequently upset the pelvis including:

  • The diaphragm and dysfunctional breathing patterns
  • Sacroiliac and lower back problems
  • Physical trauma
  • Weakness around the feet 

What can I do about pelvic pain?

Understanding the cause of pelvic girdle pain all comes down to going through a thorough assessment. Sometimes the problem really is local and requires internal assessment and a pelvic girdle pain treatment plan, or even surgery if there’s a structural defect that physiotherapy can’t fix – but sometimes your pelvis will be the “victim” of an issue elsewhere, such as the (extremely non-exhaustive) list on the left.

It’s completely fine and sensible to get an internal assessment first, and/or to see a specialist doctor such as a gynaecologist or a urologist to exclude structural causes for your pelvic pain – in fact, I often find it extremely helpful to have had such issues ruled out before I look at you!  However, if they don’t find any structural issues, please don’t lose hope – we may well find that the problem is “mechanical” (i.e. related to how you move) rather than structural in nature – and that’s when I can often help.

Pelvic floor physio assessments are 90 minutes

Follow-up sessions if required are usually an hour – it’s important to me to be very thorough when it comes to pelvic floor physiotherapy, as I want to be the last pelvic physiotherapist you need!

Pelvis pain specialist physio - Client reviews

"I found Nell last month after looking into help for an ongoing leg/hip issue. I had seen a physiotherapist before but had had no luck. I signed up to a online consult which I was a bit dubious about. BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT!! Nell was warm, friendly and completed a thorough assessment via video call. She had an impact on a problem that had been bothering me for years. Her followup notes and video exercises were thorough and easy to follow. Her evaluation was clear and realistic and I cannot wait until I can see her in person to continue my treatment. I'm so glad I have found her!"
"Wow! After 1 session, I feel brand new. Not only has my digestion improved, my ‘stuck left hip’, thoracic is ‘free’ and my hamstring ‘popping’ issue (sorry failed to mention that) has disappeared. Clean, love the aromatherapy oil scent in the waiting area, tidy and welcoming. Staff are exceptional and go above and beyond to help you achieve your body’s full potential. Very highly recommended- thank you so so much!"
Lucy Potucek
"I've known Nell a little while but didn't want to bother her with my aching hip and reduced flexibility in my right leg (afterall, it was easy to ignore). I'm glad I did. There was nothing wrong with my hip — it was my posture that was causing parts of my body to over-compensate. This inflamed my hip which restricted my leg movement and very likely aggravated my Bakers cyst in addition. Nell spotted this almost immediately and after a few weeks of being aware and adjusting my posture, I have almost full range of movement back and the pain in my hip has more or less gone. Thank you Nell — a real star!"
Russell Owen

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As an expert in pelvis physiotherapy in London, I regularly write about injuries, pelvic girdle pain treatment in  London and assessment techniques.

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