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Whether they’re in the office or working from home, I can help with workstation assessments and train your staff in strategies for injury prevention.

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As the way we work continues to change, the ergonomic risks workers face are multiplying. In the past, most employers only needed to concern themselves with the dedicated workspaces in the office. Now, with increasing numbers of employees largely (or wholly) working from home, the landscape is more complicated. 

Repetitive strain injuries, back pain, eye strain, and fatigue are all potentially serious complications that come from an improperly set up workspace, poor posture habits, improper seating, and long hours without getting up and letting the body move. Left unchecked, they can have a drastic impact on employee health, quality of life, and productivity. 

Over time, they can develop into long-term problems that need treatment and time off work. It’s a bad situation for everyone.

As a physiotherapist, I treat injured “desk warriors” and stressed-out, broken-down executives every day of the week. But I’d much rather help them before they get to that state: with the right information and a few adjustments to workstations and working habits, these problems could be prevented. 

I’d love to offer that help to you and your team. Here are some of the ways I can make it easier to keep your employees safe and well:

Self-paced courses and training materials

I offer pre-recorded video training courses on ergonomics at work and home.  Course places may be purchased individually or at bulk rates for larger groups. Learn more here.

Live Zoom presentation and Q&A session with pre-recorded modular course

Bring me to your workforce virtually. I offer several options for online training with a live component, depending on your needs.

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“Off-the-shelf” course:

This offering includes access to one of my pre-recorded courses, with a live session over Zoom:

  • Live 30-minute Zoom presentation plus Q&A session for up to 50 personnel: £1200 per call; content recorded and made available to you and your team afterwards
  • Modular online course (currently retailing at £25pp; takes around 30 mins to complete): £1200 flat rate for access for up to 100 personnel
  • Modular online course, with unlimited access: £2400

Tailored to your company:

With the tailored option, I create a customised learning experience based on your company’s specific needs and challenges:

  • Tailored live Zoom presentation plus Q&A session for up to 50 personnel: £3000 for the first call and £1200 per call thereafter; content recorded and made available to you and your team afterwards
  • Tailored modular course, with access for up to 100 people: £3000
  • Tailored modular course, with unlimited access: £6000
  • Additional live Zoom calls (to accommodate different time zones) to answer any questions that might arise after staff members have completed the modular course: £1000 per call for up to 50 personnel, with questions submitted prior to the call so that I can prepare a structure.
I’m not in pain

In-person training and assessment:

I’ll come to your workplace to provide in-person training and assessment 1:1 or one to many. I can prepare a keynote speech for corporate events, give live presentations and demonstrations, lead small-group workshops, or assess individual workstations. To enquire about in-person options for your office, please send an email with your requirements and timelines to and we can discuss the options.

About me

With over 20 years’ experience at the leading edge of physiotherapy theory and practice, I have a mission to help people enjoy living in their bodies. We spend so much of our lives working, and everyone deserves to feel strong, healthy, and confident in their ability to perform their job. That’s why teaching groups is such a big part of what I do. Learn more about my background, training, and unique treatment model here.