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Self-paced courses from one of London’s top physiotherapists

The right education can help mitigate the risk of work-related strain and injuries. These online video courses have been designed to walk you and your staff through the essentials of ergonomic best practices, whether they’re in the office or working from home. Help your employees set up their work spaces, teach them routines and skills to protect themselves, and provide expert demonstrations of exercises that can reduce strain, build strength, and provide relief from the commonplace aches and pains of the working day.


The recent lockdown has seen thousands of workers switching from their ergonomic workstation in the office to a laptop on the sofa or at the dining table. As a result, many are starting to hurt: neck pain, back pain, RSI; all injuries that can become chronic, and that often require treatment and time off work. One study by Personnel Today found that 37% of people experienced new pain after starting to work from home.  

Many companies are now seeing the benefits of more flexible working and plan to continue this for the longer term; but as an employer, you still have a duty of care to your staff even though the staff are now working from home. These courses are designed to help employees stay well and productive wherever they’re working.


Staff who work from home need to learn strategies to enable them to set up their working environment and schedule their day so as not to end up sustaining physical and mental problems.

This 30-minute, self-paced modular course is designed to educate staff on the the issues arising from switching to home-based working, and how to mitigate them, including:

  • How to optimise tissue health to stop you getting sick 
  • How to reduce back pain and anxiety
  • The importance of keeping moving 
  • How to set up your workstation and what equipment is best
  • How to find your best posture
  • What you can do to help yourself if your back does go wrong

This is accompanied by a detailed PDF resource pack to remind staff of the potential issues and strategies going forward.

Whether employees are working from home full-time or switching between house and office, a properly planned and executed workstation in the home is vital to long-term health and productivity.

This 1 hour, self-paced modular course offers a deep dive into the practicalities of creating an ergonomically sound home office. With focused, actionable advice and guidelines, it provides context and instruction on the following topics:

  • An understanding of the laws around ergonomics for employees 
  • The risks of working from home when your role is computer based
  • Considerations when you’re setting up your home workstation:
    • Stress
    • Visual fatigue
    • Temperature & humidity
    • Noise
    • Your body shape
  • Equipment, including how to choose it and set it up:
    • Desks
    • Chairs
    • Computers and accessories
    • Your body: how to look after it, and what to do if it goes wrong
  • Where to go for further advice

The course also includes a detailed PDF resource pack with easy-to-reference reminders, suggestions for sourcing ergonomic equipment, and links to supplemental videos, rehab exercise programmes for sore backs, and further reading on the subject.

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