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Searching for an exciting healthcare speaker to enlighten and entertain your audience?

My mission is to help as many people as possible feel better, and that goes beyond the clinic. From ordinary aches and pains to complex injuries, we all struggle to feel at home in our bodies from time to time. When I’m not providing one-on-one treatment to my patients, I talk to groups about how they can improve and protect their joint health and quality of life.

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Book an engaging and educational speaker for your event

People learn best from stories, not lectures. And when you’re talking about something as personal and immediate as the human body, that goes double. 

I speak to groups of people all over the country, sharing inspirational and informative stories and case studies, a wealth of actionable tips and advice, and a sense of humour. I’m also happy to offer practical demonstrations and to lead groups through simple exercises they can do right then and there. 

Each presentation is thoughtfully tailored to the concerns and interests of the audience, whether they’re:

  • Conference rooms of corporate employees fighting the ergonomic battles of daily desk-life
  • Personal fitness expos full of people wanting to achieve peak physical performance
  • Classes of yoga enthusiasts looking to learn more about the mechanics of their joints and the secrets of safe flexibility
  • Groups of eager students searching for a new way to advance their own physiotherapy practices

Nell is exceptional. Stimulating, informative, intelligent, and a really good soul.   It’s because of those qualities we’ve been lucky enough to have all our staff benefit from her speaking skills, enhancing our knowledge, stimulating debate and improving our ability to help others.

– David Newbound, Director, Back in Action

Bring me to your virtual conferences, summits and podcasts

While the immediacy and excitement of a live, in-person event is hard to beat, most of my talks can be adapted to the virtual format we’ve all recently embraced. I’m happy to work with you to craft an exciting and valuable virtual presentation for your delegates.

If you’re a podcast host with a focus on health, wellness, or better living, I’d love to come on and talk to your audience about how they can use the principles of my Health & Performance Pyramid to enhance their wellbeing and fitness, protect their bodies from the wear and tear of everyday life, and recover faster from injury.

Virtual physiotherapy

Topics and Themes

I can create a bespoke presentation to suit your audience. Some common topics I speak about include:

Working from home without breaking yourself

The connection between physical and mental stress: breaking the cycle

Everything’s connected: why the bit that hurts may not be the bit that needs treatment

A relationships-based approach to healthcare: the importance of building a team to support your recovery

How backs work (and how to keep them healthy for the long term!)

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