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An expert physiotherapist with a unique approach to assessment and treatment

I joined the British Army in 2000, as a qualified physiotherapist. Military physiotherapy and rehabilitation is world class; and after ten years, having risen to the rank of Major, I decided to share these skills with the civilian private sector.

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The Path to the “Pyramid”

After leaving the Army, I founded London multidisciplinary clinic Victory Health & Performance where my team and I successfully helped over 1800 patients until I closed its doors in 2019. Now, specialising in treating patients with complex and long-term issues, I work alongside London’s top surgeons and other healthcare professionals to achieve results for our patients, even when no one else has.

With over 20 years’ experience and an ongoing quest for knowledge, I have devised a unique approach to physiotherapy. I am the only physio in the world to complete full training in both the Integrated Systems Model (developed by Diane Lee and LJ Lee in Canada) and the Sarah Key Method, developed by Sarah Key (physiotherapist to the Queen). This training, with the addition of a diverse range of other techniques and treatment modalities, affords me my unique insight to the human body, and has allowed me to develop my original Health & Performance Pyramid model.

When patients who have been unsuccessful with other, more traditional, physiotherapy models come to see me, this new method of assessment and treatment allows me to help them rebuild their health from the ground up.

The result is that people who had all but given up hope of recovery start feeling better. After serious injuries, major surgery, years of pain and a revolving door of specialists and therapists, they are finally able to enjoy being their bodies again. The satisfaction of witnessing  that transformation is the driving force behind everything I do for my patients. 

I love to share these stories of recovery, the lessons learned along the way, and practical advice on taking good care of our bodies with the public. The Health and Performance Model is life-changing for patients with serious issues, but it can also help the rest of us feel better and find more freedom and joy in movement. I am available for media stories and interviews, as well as speaking engagements. For more information, you can download my Press Pack here.