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If you’re looking for sports physiotherapy and need a therapist who is thorough and looks for long-term results, then look no further!

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Just call my London team on
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Why choose me for Sports Physio in London?

Whether you’re a current or former elite athlete, Army rugby player, weekend golfer, or up-and-coming tennis player, I treat and have treated a lot of sporty patients in my clinic! Most of my sporting patients come in with common injuries or dysfunctions which are preventing them from being able to perform at their highest level, and want my help to get them back from breaking point to championship winning ways – and then staying there. 

If you have suffered a traumatic sports injury such as a fracture, torn ligament, dislocated joint – or a more cumulative issue from overuse or misuse, such as shin splints and tendinitis, I can help! Simply call my London Sports Physiotherapy team to book an initial assessment now on 0207 175 0150

What can you expect from a Sports Physio assessment?

  • A discussion of your sports injury, past medical history, and any potential barriers to recovery.
  • A posture screen to work out your resting/starting position.
  • An assessment of the movement(s) that trigger your symptoms, looking at your body as a whole and working out the key areas that affect your symptoms, as this helps me to work out where to analyse in more depth.
  • A deeper analysis of the key areas that affect your symptoms, which I call the “drivers” of your problem.
  • A collaborative approach to working with you to form a treatment plan, so that the path forward is clear.

What Sports Physio treatment techniques do I use?

  • Manual therapy (hands-on treatment) to clear any barriers to high quality, functional movement
  • “First-aid” initial exercise rehabilitation techniques to help reduce any acute symptoms.
  • Mid-stage exercise rehabilitation, working on proprioception, aligning and controlling the driver, and motor patterning.
  • Later stage exercise rehabilitation, potentially incorporating input from other therapists, focusing more on strength, flexibility, endurance, and sports-specific movement patterns. I am happy to work with your own coach if you have one, so that we can incorporate specific movement training and cues into your training regime going forward.

London Sports Injury Expertise

At my clinic, I understand that athletes at every level encounter challenges that can hinder their performance. From seasoned elite athletes to dedicated weekend warriors, I’ve successfully treated a diverse range of sports enthusiasts. If you’re grappling with common injuries or dysfunctions that are impeding your sporting prowess, I’m here to help you transition from your breaking point to championship-winning ways – and keep you there.

I excel in addressing cumulative issues resulting from overuse or misuse, such as shin splints and tendinitis. I am a dedicated London Sports Physiotherapist and ready to assist you in overcoming these obstacles. To kickstart your journey toward recovery and peak performance, call me now on 0207 175 0150 to schedule an initial assessment. Trust my expertise to guide you back to the pinnacle of your athletic potential.

Why have I been called the best sports physio in London?

I am an expert in sports injury physiotherapy and as such have worked with some high-profile athletes and teams. I have a full-service sports injury clinic based near Liverpool Street in London and can cover every part of your journey to recovery with assessment and treatment plans, tailored rehabilitation and hands-on sports physiotherapy.

Sports Physio London - Assessments are 90 minutes

Follow-up sessions if required are usually an hour – it’s important to me to be very thorough when it comes to sports physiotherapy, as I want to be the last sports physiotherapist you need.

How can I help with your sports injury?

Sports physiotherapy can be somewhat more intense than some other types of physiotherapy because sporting patients tend to place more strain on their bodies than more sedentary people, so a good sports physio will work on helping their patients for longer – I want to give you not just pain relief, but to get you to the point where your exercises and movement patterns are helping you to avoid the problem returning. 

I come highly recommended and have a postgraduate diploma in Sports & Exercise Medicine, as well as 10 years’ experience working in the British Army with athletic military patients, and more recently with professional rugby, tennis and hockey players.  From a personal perspective, I also captain my county in O40s tennis, and still play competitively in ITF Seniors events, with my highest world ranking being no 42 in the O35s category, despite having undergone a rotator cuff repair in my 20s!

The main difference between my style of sports physiotherapy and others’ is that where many physios often focus purely on working out which specific tissue is painful, I spend the majority of the time analysing your whole body to work out why you have the problem, as that gives me the best chance of helping you to make a full and long-term recovery.

Many of my patients have seen several other therapists, sports medicine providers and doctors before they find me, and find the difference they were looking for (more than one patient has remarked that they wished they’d met me “£10,000 ago!”)  There are lots of other excellent doctors and therapists out there, and I love to collaborate with them where it’s appropriate; but my role within most ad-hoc therapy teams is that of sports physio.

Sports Injury Treatment London

At my London physio clinic I see patients with a variety of sports injuries including

  • Sprains and Strains
  • Muscle Tears
  • Tendonitis/Tendinopathy
  • Fractures and Dislocations
  • Knee Injuries
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Ankle Injuries
  • Concussions
  • Stress Fractures
  • Overuse Injuries
  • Muscle Imbalances and Weaknesses
  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Hamstring Strains
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Golfer’s Elbow

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Sports Physio London Blog

As a leading sports injury & post operative physio in London, I regularly write about injuries, treatment and assessment techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

I believe in addressing the cause of your problems, not just the symptoms. Everything in your body is connected, and my job is to be a detective. I work out not just which bit of you hurts or doesn’t work the way you want it to; but why this is happening. I then work with you to reduce pain and begin your journey back to your best possible state.

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