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Your neck pain treatment starts with a deep understanding of your unique needs

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Neck Pain Treatment London

Neck pain treatment starts with understanding the causes. People who come to see me seeking my expertise as a neck specialist physio are usually pretty unhappy – it’s a horrible area to be experiencing pain. In more minor cases, they may say they notice their symptoms just when they’re turning their head in one direction, or that they can’t look over their shoulder comfortably when they’re driving. In more complex cases, they may say their neck is sore all the time, that their head feels too heavy to hold up, that they have a constant ache at the base of their skull, or that they’re experiencing pins and needles or numbness down one arm.

Finding the Causes of Neck Pain

If this sounds like you, we will start by talking through your history, and whether there was a specific incident that caused the pain.

We’ll discuss when your neck is sore: is it when you’re twisting to the right, or just any time you’re sitting down, or when you’re really stressed out at work?I then look at the posture and movement patterns throughout your whole body, especially with regard to the activity or posture that hurts you most, in order to work out where your problem is originating from. We can then form a plan for your neck pain treatment.

Neck Pain Physio

Each neck problem has its own specific cause, and therefore the best way to treat each neck may be completely different.

Once we work out what’s going on, we can put together a neck pain treatment plan. The plan will be completely individual to you: based on whether your neck is the cause of your problem or whether it’s compensating for a problem elsewhere in your body, on your own goals and priorities, your diary, and how much time you’re able to devote to your recovery.

Why I've been called the best neck physio in London

I am the neck physio in London that will offer the best patient care when it comes to the wide variety of treatments and rehabilitation of neck pain and neck injuries. Through detailed assessment and a bespoke treatment plan I will succeed in combatting not only the chronic pain itself, but also the underlying symptoms.

Neck pain physiotherapy London

At my London physio clinic I see patients with a variety of neck issues including

  • Neckache
  • Torticollis/wry neck
  • Dowagers hump
  • Whiplash

Learn more about the following neck physiotherapy I provide

  • Spondylosis physiotherapy
  • Whiplash physiotherapy
Neck pain physio assessments are 90 minutes

Follow-up sessions if required are usually an hour – it’s important to me to be very thorough when it comes to neck  pain physiotherapy, as I want to be the last neck physiotherapist you need.

Neck specialist physio - Client reviews

"Absolutely outstanding treatment from Nell- she was incredibly thorough, kind and understanding and really thinks outside the box in terms of diagnosis and treatment. Results have been life changing, would recommend to anyone"
Adventure Travel Family
"Excellent, fun, educational, more than fixed my ailments, feel several years younger, tennis has improved — this is the place to come, wish I knew about it sooner"
Kurosh Davis
"A friend recommended Nell Mead. In my initial session, she diagnosed a long term shoulder injury which was causing the neck pain. After a single session, I felt significantly better. After three sessions, my chronic pain had gone and did not return."
Katie Edwards
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Leave Liverpool Street station and turn left onto Bishopsgate. Victoria Avenue will be on your right, between the Police Station and Five Guys. Longcroft House will be facing you at the end.
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Over the past 20 years as a neck physio in London , I've helped hundreds of people with neck problems recover from a wide variety of issues

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As a leading sports injury London clinic, I regularly write about injuries, treatment and assessment techniques.
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