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Why doctors recommend Nell Mead Physiotherapist

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Why choose me for your Physio 

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Many people assume that a stiff or sore neck is an inevitable part of aging. 

I’m here to show you that doesn’t have to be the case!

“Nell Mead is my go-to person for patients who’ve not been making progress with other physios or osteos. Sometimes we meet patients who are understandably ‘jaded’ and feel like giving up on rehab. They may tell me that they’ve ‘done physio, and it doesn’t work’, and I tell them, ‘until you’ve seen Nell Mead, you’ve not done physio!’ She is amazing, and she quickly gets the actual cause of the patient’s problem, which may be issues elsewhere that are generating overload and pain. It helps patients to get better for the long-term, and she helps them achieve this rapidly. If you’re in pain, or you’re looking after someone who is pain, I recommend Nell unreservedly. “
Dr Catherine Spencer-Smith

“Nell is one of the very best physios I’ve ever worked with. She has the seniority, the knowledge, the experience and the skill to be able to sort out some of my most complicated patients — often people who’ve seen multiple other doctors / physios and who’ve come to me at the end of their tether. She has an ability to get to the root of the problem, even in the most difficult of cases, and Nell’s services have been a key part in achieving a good outcome for many of the patients that I’ve seen. I can wholeheartedly recommend her!”
Mr Ian McDermott

‘Most shoulder problems do not need surgery, but they do need a good physiotherapist who understands why shoulder pain occurs. Shoulder pain can be caused by dysfunction in other regions of the body and if these are not identified and treated then the pain simply will not get better by just focusing on shoulder exercises alone, and in some cases the pain can actually become worse. Patients become disheartened because they think that physio has failed but in fact they have not been given the right type of physio. It takes years of skill to critically evaluate abnormal movement patterns and mal-coordination of the musculoskeletal system. It takes even more skill to understand how to treat them. Nell Mead is exactly that sort of physio. She cares deeply about her patients and is extremely thorough in her assessment. She develops very detailed and individual treatment protocols. She goes to great lengths to keep me informed of the progress of our patients and this shared collaborative approach has proven to be very reassuring and effective and has produced some excellent results. Nell often succeeds where previous non-surgical treatments have failed, but she also knows when the time is right for surgery, and she is with her patients through every step of the journey from initial consultation to final post-operative discharge. I have no trouble at all in recommending Nell and I know that my patients are safe in her hands.’
Ms Susan Alexander

“I am a complex spine consultant and I have found Nell to be an excellent physiotherapist who prefers to treat her clients in a holistic manner. I’ve found her attention to detail to be thorough and thoughtful. She is skilled at treating spinal patients with complex needs. I have no hesitation in recommending her to any of my patients.”
Mr Ahmed Ibrahim

“Nell goes the extra mile for her patients. She shows great attention to detail and her huge wealth of experience allows her to tailor treatment to her patients’ specific individual needs. She has the skill of distilling complex clinical treatment situations into comprehensive holistic rehabilitation programmes.”
Dr Simon Paul

“Nell Mead is an expert in her field and at the top of her game. She has helped many of my patients recover from their injuries and surgery. She is a vocal advocate of team work and MDT management of all problems and has access to a whole host of excellent practitioners that she can call upon to sort out any issues that may crop up. Above all she is fun, approachable and consistently brilliant!”
Mr Ali Abbasian

“Nell and I have shared patients with spinal pain and complex pain conditions for 3 years now and she is a pleasure to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable, very personable; and her experience, expertise and diligence make her the “go-to” physiotherapist for the complex neck patient in the City of London.”
Dr Ben Huntley

“Nell is excellent at managing back and other musculoskeletal conditions. Her experience allows her not only to treat common conditions with detailed and thorough manner, but also to find solutions and diagnoses for those that don’t necessarily respond initially and come for second opinions. She never compromises standards and gives patients as much time as they need. I would highly recommend her for rehab and advice.”
Mr Alexander Sheriff Montgomery

Nell Mead recommended by physiotherapy specialists London

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Why choose me for your Physio 

I have a reputation as the Physio to see when no-one else can fix you.

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Many people assume that a stiff or sore neck is an inevitable part of aging. 

I’m here to show you that doesn’t have to be the case!