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Your shoulder pain treatment starts with a deep understanding of your unique needs

Shoulder pain can present in a number of different ways, from the painful “frozen shoulder” that hurts all the time and doesn’t move, to the acute dislocation from a rugby tackle, to the tendinitis or bursitis that makes your shoulder sore when you lift it or lie on it. The issue could be that your shoulder is truly tight or unstable, or it could be compensating for a stiff ribcage or twisted pelvis. Shoulder pain treatment starts with understanding the real causes.

Each shoulder problem has its own specific cause, and therefore the best way to treat each shoulder may be completely different.

When I treat you, we’ll start off by discussing when your shoulder hurts: all the time, or just when you’re brushing your hair or putting your jacket on? I then look at your posture and your movement patterns throughout your whole body, especially with regard to the activity or posture that hurts you most, in order to work out where your problem is originating from. 

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shoulder pain physiotherapy

Once we work out what’s going on, we can put together a shoulder pain treatment plan. The plan will be completely individual to you: based on whether your neck is the cause of your problem or whether it’s compensating for a problem elsewhere in your body, on your own goals and priorities, your diary, and how much time you’re able to devote to your recovery.

Shoulder pain physiotherapy testimonials

What the doctors say...

Shoulder pain physiotherapy testimonials

What the doctors say...
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