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Foot and Ankle Pain Treatment London - A broken ankle or a bad sprain can often be one of the most difficult things to recover from

Frequently because life has to go on, and it’s therefore so hard to rest feet and ankles properly. Foot and ankle pain physiotherapy starts with finding the real cause, in order to provide the best foot and ankle pain treatment plan.

That being the case, it’s important to give your feet and ankles the best possible chance, by optimising your foot biomechanics and strength, and also by making sure that your body is moving well over the top of your foot. I’ve seen lots of people whose Achilles tendonitis or plantar fascia pain was caused by a poorly-moving pelvis which has overloaded their feet (and once I’ve treated their pelvises, the foot and ankle pain has “magically” resolved itself).

It’s also important that your feet function well – if your feet are stiff then you will struggle to absorb shock properly (putting you at risk of stress fractures) and if they’re weak then your arches may collapse when you walk, pulling on the inside of your shins (a common cause of “shin splints”). The way you walk is also important – if you’re walking well, you will hit the ground with the outer third of your heel bone, and then push off your big toe, with your arches flattening as you load them and re-forming as you push off again. Lots of people do not do this well, resulting in overloaded joints and muscles, and eventually in pain.

Each foot problem has its own specific cause, and therefore the best way to treat each foot may be completely different.

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When I treat you, we’ll start off by discussing when your foot hurts (is it all the time, when you wake up in the morning, or when you land on it?) and then look at your posture and your movement patterns throughout your whole body, especially with regard to the activity or posture that hurts you most, in order to work out where your problem is originating from.

Once we work out what’s going on, we can put together a foot and ankle pain physiotherapy treatment plan. The plan will be completely individual to you: based on whether your foot is the cause of your problem or whether it’s compensating for a problem elsewhere in your body, on your own goals and priorities, your diary, and how much time you’re able to devote to your recovery.

Foot & ankle pain physiotherapy testimonials

What the doctors say...

Foot & ankle pain physiotherapy testimonials

What the doctors say...
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The good news

The good news is that, although the treatment room has had to close, this doesn’t mean that treatment has to stop.

It is really important all my patients do not lose momentum in their recoveries and I am glad to say I have a number of solutions to ensure I can carry on providing the best treatment possible:

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