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How can online physio help?

Hello!  I’m Nell Mead, a former Army physiotherapy Major, who’s now been a physio in the City of London for 10 years, working with patients from all over the world.  Since the start of the lockdown, I’ve switched from seeing patients in clinic, to treating patients online. It’s been an interesting process! England rugby physio Dave O’Sullivan and world-class mentor Diane Lee in Vancouver have been massively helpful in coaching me through the best way to translate my hands-on skills into the online arena; and after lots of daily practice with patients and other therapists, I’m officially offering it as a service.

Lots of people have been asking me about how online physio can help them. And it’s true – it’s not the same as coming into clinic. But there’s still a lot we can do, and even some advantages to online versus in clinic treatment.

For example:

Please call my team on 0207 175 0150 if onlin physiotherapy is what you’re looking for – the only way to see a physio during the lockdown.

To read more about the service please see my blog post about Online Physio.

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