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Are you struggling with back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, groin pain or stress? Did you know that they could be linked... by your diaphragm?!

When we’re stiff from sitting all day, or stressed from the pressures of 21st century life, it’s really common for our diaphragm – the sheet of muscle that separates your lungs from your stomach contents, and that is the biggest of the breathing muscles – to tighten up too.

And when your diaphragm is tight, you don’t breathe as efficiently – so other muscles have to work harder to keep you alive!

But in the ideal world, these muscles should be helping your neck, shoulders, back and pelvis to move – rather than helping you to breathe – and when these muscles aren’t doing their normal job, your neck, shoulders, back and pelvis tend to get stiff and sore.

Restoring function, flexibility and strength to your diaphragm can offload those muscles, and help to relieve the symptoms in your neck, shoulders, back and pelvis!

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